Obama Also Called Slaves ‘Immigrants’ – Media is Silent


Did anyone else notice that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Ben Carson’s gaffes destroyed him, but Donald Trump’s gaffes seemed to make him stronger? I suppose part of it had to do with Ben Carson’s status as a neurosurgeon. Who doesn’t like to pretend to themselves that they’re smarter than a …

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Trump Surprised Young Kids On a White House Tour


President Donald J. Trump re-opened White House tours today, and the first group of 5th grade students got the surprise of their lives! The students, who were from Alabama, were on a tour when suddenly President Trump himself jumped out from behind a screen. The students clap and scream with …

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Former Intel Officer Says Obama Could Be First Former President with a Felony Indictment


President Donald Trump flipped the media and political world, as well as the “Russian collusion” narrative, on their collective heads over the weekend with a series of tweets alleging former President Barack Obama’s administration had wiretapped and spied on him and his associates in Trump Tower during the 2016 election season, …

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Robert Barnes: ‘Ludicrous’ to Claim Obama Never Spied on Americans When He ‘Drone-Bombed American Citizens Around the World’


Attorney Robert Barnesappeared on Monday’sBreitbart News Daily to talk about President Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration wiretapped him during the 2016 presidential campaign. Barnes’s latest article on the subject for LawNewz is entitled “Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance.” “The allegations …

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How the feds could have listened to Trump’s phone calls

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Government has multiple methods for surveillance, but Obama would not have been allowed to order it. President Donald Trump’s evidence-free accusation that former President Barack Obama tapped his phones has cast a dramatic spotlight on the country’s most clandestine surveillance programs. Digital surveillance experts told POLITICO that a president-ordered wiretap …

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Trump opens day with more digs on Twitter, call for Obama investigation

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The White House is seeking an investigation of the Obama White House during the 2016 campaign. For the second consecutive day, President Donald Trump launched his weekend morning with some Twitter blasts aimed at Democrats — and the White House followed that up with a call for an investigation of …

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Lawmakers stunned, baffled by Trump’s wiretap allegations


Congressional Republicans were flummoxed Sunday by President Donald Trump’s and his White House’s continued assertions — provided without evidence — that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. A day after Trump made the charge, Hill Republicans were largely mute, and those who spoke out …

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DeepStateGate: Democrats’ ‘Russian Hacking’ Conspiracy Theory Backfires


Democrats’ efforts to raise suspicions about alleged — and, thus far, imaginary — links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government may have backfired spectacularly. The spotlight is now on President Barack Obama and his administration’s alleged surveillance of the Trump campaign, as well as his aides’ reported efforts to spread damaging …

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Mark Levin on Trump Wiretapping Claims: ‘The Evidence Is Overwhelming’


Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s tweets accusing the former Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election, conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin broke down the wiretapping reporting. Levin said, “Well, a pleasure to be here. The evidence is overwhelming. …

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President Trump Accuses Obama Of Tapping Trump Tower Phones


We have another big development in the Russia saga. For months Democrats have accused Donald Trump and associates of being agents of the Putin and the Russian government. As ridiculous as that sounds, it turns out that the Obama administration may have believed their own ridiculous rhetoric. Reports have emerged …

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