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Colbert falsely claims Trump never met Hurricane Harvey victims (video)

Stephen Colbert, the famous Late Show host went on live TV to falsely claim that President Donald Trump didn’t met a “single” victim of the devastating Hurricane Harvey which flooded Texas a week ago, despite visiting camps and flooded sites.

Colbert started out with an opening monologue which featured a line in which he quated an article from Politico dating back August 29, on one of Trump’s visits to Texas following the hurricane, saying:

“It was a presidential trip to a deluged state where the president didn’t meet a single storm victim, see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street.”

But that wasn’t all, as the host went on to make a joke about the Russia probe, adding “He’s been closer to a flood in a Russian hotel room.”

While it was clear that Colbert was referring to the Trump and Melania’s first visit to Corpus Christie, where he held a short speech and attended a briefing on the storm, while hundreds of Texans were waiting outside chanting pro-Trump slogans. Just four days later, the president returned to Houston, where he visited a rescue shelter and met with crowds of Harvey victims, taking picture, lifting their spirits and reassuring them that he and his administration have their back.

But despite everything, Colbert has still found a false way to rant against the President, as it is known for a fact that his Trump-centric political rhetoric is the thing which helped him rise to the top of late night TV ratings.

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