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Still cashing in! Hillary’s charging HOW MUCH for appearances?

Twice failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been relatively quiet since she lost the 2016 election.

But she’s finally ready to talk — for a price, that is.

Next month she’s heading out on a book tour in the United States and Canada to promote her new book, “What Happened.” The book chronicles her failed campaign against President Donald Trump and likely places blame on everyone but herself for her loss.

According to Fox News, Clinton is charging $2,375.95 for fans in Toronto to get a “VIP platinum ticket” for her talk on September 28th.

While that is the hiked up ticket, including two front row seats, a signed book, and a photo with Clinton, it’s still an astronomical price.

An industry source told Fox, “It is standard for high profile authors to do book tours that sell tickets to events, but Clinton’s tour takes it to a new level of greed.”

And in the U.S. it’s not any better.

General admission tickets are available, ranging from $50 to $375 for an Oct. 3 appearance in Florida.

In New York, it’s even worse.

Clinton is charging a whopping $750 to be in her presence on Nov. 1.

“This pay-for-access has all the political wisdom of doing another round of private speeches for Goldman Sachs, but as her book tour makes clear, at this point in her career, all she cares about is cashing in,” the source told Fox.

In comparison, tickets to the book tour of Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ book went for $30.

Pennies in comparison.

At least Clinton is capitalizing on what she’s good at : stealing money from the American public.

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