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Hidden Car just SPED Out Of Woods at Trump’s Limo, Then Came the SCARY Part!

Here is a video that was posted on YouTube on Wednesday. Watch as a car speeds out of the woods, heading right towards the President’s motorcade as he arrived in Springfield Mo. (VIDEO BELOW)

When President Donald J. Trump rides, he rides in style. Now that he is our Commander-in-Chief, safety is even more of an issue than comfort. “The Beast” is the nickname for the GM limo that is currently used by the presidential motorcades. GM reportedly spent over $15,000,000 designing this car.

As President Trump’s “BEAST” comes into view, you can actually hear the guy on the video call it “The Beast”.

Then, you hear a loud smash as the car slams through the concrete drainage ditch, coming right out from the woods on the right of the screen.

Next, you can hear the man on the video cry out “Oh my gosh! Look at the car that came out of the woods.” (VIDEO BELOW)

This video was taken by Clayte Hefner when the President was in Springfield, MO.

Was this guy actually trying to ram the President’s limo? We don’t know for sure.  His car seemed to have stalled out after in smacked the concrete drainage area.

As you can see, the Secret Service arrived in a matter of seconds to surround the guy.

(h/t: Liberty Writers)

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