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Breaking: Obama Administration Caught Using “Back Channel” to Russia

While President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has been taking heat from liberals and the media for allegedly suggesting “back channel” communications with Russia during the presidential transition, reports have surfaced that Trump’s predecessor also thought a back channel was necessary.

Except for President Barack Obama’s administration, it wasn’t just a suggestion, as the group actually had a secret communication line with Moscow that it used to discuss Russian operatives attempts to infiltrate U.S. election software, according to Bloomberg.

In its efforts to deescalate the cyber threat, the Obama White House used what has been called a cyber “red phone,” which wasn’t actually a phone at all, but instead was a secure messaging channel designed to send urgent messages and documents between the two governments.

Three sources close to situation told Bloomberg that in October, after a series of attacks on several state election systems, the White House reached out to Moscow on the back channel to offer evidence of the hacking and to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin that the attacks could cause conflict between the two countries.

“International law, including the law for armed conflict, applies to actions in cyberspace,” said part of a message sent over the back channel on Oct. 31, a senior U.S. official told NBC. “We will hold Russia to those standards.”

As part of its use of the “back channel,” the Obama administration, according to Bloomberg, contacted the Russians in October “to offer detailed documents of what it said was Russia’s role in election meddling and to warn that the attacks risked setting off a broader conflict.”

n other words, the Obama administration told the Russians what it knew or suspected about the country’s computer activities — which basically told Russian security services what the United State didn’t know about Russia, too. An intelligence agency couldn’t ask more cooperation from its target country.

Naturally, Russia responded by asking for more information and providing assurances that it would look into the matter.

It was reportedly the first time the Obama administration had used the secure messaging line between Washington and Moscow, although the main system had been in place for more than 50 years and in 2013, Obama added the channel for specific communications regarding cyber incidents.

Trump critics contend that there is an important difference between Kushner’s back channel versus Obama’s — that Kushner was simply a part of the president-elect’s transition team, while Obama was actually the U.S. president. But, the whole point of a presidential transition team is to smooth the path for the incoming administration — and that includes dealing with foreign governments, whether friendly, hostile, or somewhere in between.

Besides, the liberal media’s narrative has been that Kushner’s request was problematic because of who he wanted to talk to on the back channel, not necessarily the timing of it.

As it turns out, the liberal administration Trump defeated wanted to talk to the same person on a secret channel, too.

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