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Dems SILENCED As AG Sessions Makes Intel Committee Announcement: ‘Let’s Do It Public’

While there are many good liars in the world, by and large, one can tell if a person is being honest in how they act when accused. For example, an innocent man suspected of rape would willingly give his DNA to authorities or a woman questioned for a robbery would be quick to state her alibi openly.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is acting very much like an innocent man, according to a Tweet from Breaking 911. They just declared that “Attorney General Sessions asks that his testimony to the Senate intelligence committee be open to the public” and they source it from the AP.


That means that, unless asked a question that could breach national security (which he would simply state the reason for declining), there is no question that Sessions can be asked by the Senate that he is afraid to answer openly for all to hear.

Twitter User, Popa Speedo, tweeted, “That’s because he’s got NOTHING to hide Liberals need to get ready for another great big ole juicy !”

As of late, that has been the diet for most of the anti-Trump movement since former F.B.I. Director, James Comey, first took in a breath to speak on the stand. At this rate, they are going to starve to death.

Another user, Beverly Brady, is showing that America getting the message that President Trump is an innocent man in terms of the constant Russia-based allegations. She writes also, “Because he has nothing to hide he’s an honest man.”

Jeff Sessions has been used as a punching bag for months, not based on his own merit or worth, but only on the fact that Donald Trump supports him (at least on paper).

Trump could nominate Hillary Clinton herself (shutter) to the position of AG, and at that point, even SHE would be hated, it seems, so rabid is the lefts hatred.

Therefore, knowing that the bulls eye is on him and him alone, this honest move by yet another person in the President’s administration only further proves the coming innocent verdict.

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