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Congressman Drops Bombshell: Hillary Clinton, Aides Still Have Full Access

Last year, in the heat of the general election race, the biggest story was related to Hillary Clinton’s dealings in the State Department. Her much-publicized email scandal proved that she couldn’t be trusted with top-secret information.

Ultimately, nothing was done as Clinton never had charges filed against her and basically got away with putting the country in danger. The Senate Judiciary Committee had other ideas, and continued to investigate her.

However, thanks to the Chairman of the committee, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), it’s been revealed that Clinton and her aides STILL have security clearances. This is despite the fact that none of them have been with the State Department for FIVE YEARS.

Senator Grassley voiced some concerns about the process of the State Department’s bureaucratic process.

His office released a statement, saying, “The State Department confirmed that it is continuing to review the mishandling of classified information that passed through Secretary Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server and she and seven former aides retain access to sensitive information.”

In addition to that, Grassley’s office revealed that the seven aides were able to keep their clearances due to the fact that the department made them “research assistances.” In essence, it allowed them “to take their State Department-issued clearance with them after their official service at the department.”

In other words, these eight people could still have access to information at the State Department if they wanted. This is despite the fact that then-FBI Director James Comes said that Clinton was “extremely careless” in how they handled classified information.

Anyone who has that claim against them shouldn’t be allowed near the top-secret information that is there. Even worse, these people haven’t been involved in half a decade!

There is no reason for these people to have continued access. Hopefully Senator Grassley and the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee can change that.

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