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Michigan City Gives Muslims Control, But What Happens Next Is Shocking

The state of Michigan is home to several notable accomplishments. They have multiple successful sports teams, they border on Lake Michigan, and helped turn the tide of this year’s election.

However, they are also known for having the highest concentration of Muslims in the United States. Dearborn, MI has been in the news a couple times, due to violence or worry from the citizens regarding President Donald Trump.

Another city has just replicated Dearborn, as Hamtramck has a city council that is majority Muslim, which is the first in the country. They had an emergency meeting regarding the city manager and if they should let the contract expire or extend the current one for a little longer.

That was what was supposed to happen at the meeting. What actually happened was a tremendous amount of screaming, yelling and swearing. In the end, when everything calmed down – which is a stretch to say the least – nothing was accomplished.

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Language

The council members wanted to let the city manager go, and the four present members voted to do so. That didn’t sit well with the people that were there, and even MORE shouting and yelling occurred.

Essentially, once the yelling died down, the city lawyer was able to say that FIVE votes are needed to terminate a contract.

The city’s mayor, Mayor Majewski was away visiting her mother. In other words, having a council full of mostly Muslims shows what is going to happen.

What’s troubling is that these people didn’t know how many votes were needed to end a contract. How are they trusted to be in charge when they don’t know that law?

It was already in the open that Councilman Anam Miah and the city manager, Katrina Powell, didn’t have the best relationship. However, this incident proved that they didn’t care about what the people wanted. If this is what diversity looks like, nothing is going to get done.

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