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Liberal Reporter Interrupts Show 3 Times, But What She Did As Police Handcuffed Her Now Viral

America’s youth are some of the most frustrating people out there. For some reason, they don’t think the rules apply to them and they are entitled to what they want.

One young news reporter hopefully received a wake up call after a series of events occurred on Sunday night. It was there that Colleen Campbell, a recent graduate of Temple University, was involved with an altercation with the police.

The young Campbell was asked to leave the Helium Comedy Club because she was being too loud during a comic’s set. Comic Wil Sylvince wrote about what happened on his Facebook.

“About last night: this very obnoxious lady, who wasn’t drunk (nor high I think) was disturbing the show with her ‘loud whispering.’ After 3 warnings and other customers were complaining she was asked to leave.”

However, when she was escorted out of the building, Campbell was reported to have become obnoxious, to the point where a police officer had to get involved.


When the officer arrived, Campbell really blew her lid. In an expletive-laced rant, she confronted the officer, dropping f-bombs right in his face. A friend of the reporter apologized and tried to diffuse the situation.

It didn’t work. The police officer said he just wanted Campbell to leave and go home. She continued to shout curse words at the officer, right before she spit on a club employee.

That was when the police officer arrested her. As she was being handcuffed, more profanity escaped her lips.

Eventually, she said, “I work at a f****** news station, m***********. I work at PHL 17. Oh, you’re going to put that on the f****** news? You’re going to go (sic) that to NBC.”

However, she might not be employed there anymore. Several pieces of content from her have been removed, as well as her biography. For people wanting to see the video, click here, but fair warning, it has a lot of graphic language. 

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