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Time Magazine Makes Huge Mistake in Attempt to Tie Trump to Russia

Time Magazine used to be one of the most influential political magazines in the country, before it became a transparently left-wing outlet with a declining readership.

Despite Americans turning away from the magazine’s biased reporting, the publication’s writers continue to spew out anti-conservative vitriol on a regular basis.

Now, in their most recent magazine, Time tried to imply that President Trump’s White House and the Russian Kremlin were merged together, but their cover had an epic fail! Can you spot it?


As you can clearly see, that is not the Kremlin, but rather the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the most iconic locations in Russia. Time Magazine clearly does not know what the Kremlin is when attempting to make their false attack that President Trump and Russia are tied at the hip.

For those curious, this is what the Kremlin looks like, and it does not resemble St. Basil’s Cathedral, AT ALL!


One has to wonder if the folks at Time really don’t know the difference between the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral, or if they were using an iconic location in Russia to push their conspiracy theory.

Either way, Time and the rest of the liberal media refuse to give up the tired and fake story that Russia was somehow involved with President Trump in hacking the election. Furthermore, the left still can’t explain how one can actually “hack” an election, further proving that their narrative is a lie.

What are your thoughts on this embarrassingly stupid Time cover? Share your thoughts below! 


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