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Clinton: It ‘Would Have Been a Really Big Deal’ If I’d Won

Hillary Clinton said being elected president of the United States “would have been a really big deal” if she had managed to pull it off in November.

Clinton made the remarks during an interview on Tuesday at “Women for Women International” with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, who asked her to reflect on a hypothetical victory over Donald Trump and what message it would have sent to women around the world.

“Oh, I think it would have been a really big deal,” she said, chuckling as the crowd roared its approval. “And you know, I am writing a book, and it’s a painful process, reliving the campaign, as you might guess.”

“But I think partly here at home, there were important messages that that could have sent to our own daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, and sons, but I think especially internationally,” Clinton added.

Clinton said there was still so much disrespect and inequality for women abroad.

“It’s not a minor issue,” she said. “It is central to the maintenance, stability, sustainability of democracy, of human rights. It is critical to our national security.”

The battle for women’s rights, Clinton said, is the unfinished business of the 21st century.


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