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Trump’s DOJ Puts Sanctuary Cities on Notice With Warning Letter

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump vowed to get tough on sanctuary cities, and ever since being sworn in, he has taken action to follow through on that promise.

For Trump’s latest move against cities that defy or ignore federal law when it comes to illegal immigrant issues, the Department of Justice sent a letter to nine “jurisdictions” around America, warning them that they need to comply with federal immigration laws or risk losing federal funding, The Daily Caller reported.

The letters were sent to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and Milwaukee. The state of California, and Cook County, Illinois also received letters.

“The letters remind the recipient jurisdictions that, as a condition for receiving certain financial year 2016 funding from the Department of Justice, each of these jurisdictions agreed to provide documentation and an opinion from legal counsel validating that they are in compliance with Section 1373,” said a statement released by the Justice Department.

It is unclear what, if any, effect these letters will have on the sanctuary cities. Many of the most prominent cities, like New York City, have refused to comply with the Trump administrations orders and it seems doubtful this letter will change their mind. Miami, on the other hand, has already agreed to come into federal compliance.

This isn’t the first time these cities have been threatened, but it is the first threat that carries an actual cut-off date.

The New York Times noted that the letters give the cities and other jurisdictions until June 30 to show they are in compliance with the laws, or they risk losing any 2016 federal grant money they haven’t received yet.

CNN noted that the letters also pointed out that crime in several of the cities that were sent letters has been increasing, something that the DOJ blamed on illegal immigration.

It’s nice to finally see an administration cracking down on cities that blatantly disobey the law. If these cities want to harbor illegals who are criminals, they are going to pay the price.

Our tax dollars shouldn’t be funding local administrations that are harboring fugitives, and thanks to the Trump administration, pretty soon we won’t have to worry about funding these cities anymore.

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