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Gutfeld: ‘Trump Is Treating the Presidency Like an Actual Job’

Greg Gutfeld compared the executive actions of President Trump with former President Barack Obama, saying the New York Republican is “treating the presidency like an actual job.”

Gutfeld played a “movie trailer” for a film he could possibly make about the new commander-in-chief’s first days in office.

“In a world where presidents did nothing, one man did something,” the trailer said.

“President Trump has done more things this week than I do in a year,” he said, calling Trump “less of a president and more of a manic Swiss army knife.”

Reacting to Trump’s plan to withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities, Gutfeld called such localities the “perfect left-wing dream.”

“They sound nice, but they aren’t,” he said, remarking that the idea of a sanctuary city sounds benevolent until the illegal immigrants there begin harming citizens.

Gutfeld said that, compared to Obama’s executive orders, Trump’s actions are not intrusive for everyday Americans.

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