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Glenn Beck Thinks Trump Will Win… Here’s Why

Of all the individuals who comprised the #NeverTrump movement, author, radio and TV host Glenn Beck has been one of the more prominent and outspoken critics of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Beck routinely offered up harshly sharp takes on Trump and repeatedly insisted that the billionaire businessman would never be capable of winning the 2016 election.

However, Beck’s tune has changed recently, and he now thinks that Trump can indeed win the election, largely because of the increasingly absurd encroachment on the lives of everyday Americans by liberals with insane ideas, according to TheBlaze.

By way of an example, Beck discussed a new movement on the left that has sought to combine radical environmentalism with the LGBTQ agenda that is known as “ecosexualism,” literally people who wish to have sexual interactions with the earth. Seriously.

“So you want to know why Donald Trump is going to win on Tuesday?” Beck said. “Right there. Right there. Seriously, overplaying your hand comes to mind.”

Beck also addressed a topic that had been discussed previously that had resulted in the determination that while most voters considered both candidates to be terrible, Trump was consistently viewed as being “less evil” than his Democrat rival nominee Hillary Clinton.

“When people go into the booth, they’re going to close that curtain, and they’re going to think about on the two of them,” he stated. “And they’re not thinking the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

As to the absurdity and hypocrisy of the left, such as in the “ecosexualism” movement, Beck proclaimed, “I honestly think it’s these kinds of stories that have made it impossible for Hillary Clinton to win against my shoe.”

Glenn Beck is absolutely correct in that the sheer absurdity of some liberals and the ridiculous — and often dangerous — agendas they push have largely turned off a significant portion of the American electorate.

Should Clinton become president, it is a near certainty that liberal absurdity will increase at a pace even greater than it has for the past eight years, a conclusion likely already reached by tens of millions of Americans, and one that millions more will hopefully realize between now and Election Day.

While a Trump victory would not necessarily put a complete end to the absurdity of liberals and their many agendas, it would likely serve as a check on them, keeping them from expanding or even entering into official government policy as has happened under the Obama administration and would certainly occur under Clinton as well.

It is really too bad that Beck didn’t reach this obvious conclusion many months ago, and instead wasted everyone’s time and energy in constant attacks on the one person with a chance to keep Clinton out of the White House. But better late than never, or something like that.

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Via:  conservativetribune.com

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