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CNN Cracks! Posts Massive Story About 6 Different Trump Paths to Victory

For the better part of this election, most mainstream media outlets have dismissed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as having no chance of winning against Democrat giant Hillary Clinton.

However, now that Election Day is less than a week away and Trump has surpassed Clinton in some polls, CNNhas admitted that the GOP candidate does, in fact, have a good chance of victory on Nov. 8.

Much to the horror of liberals, the cable news network posted six electoral maps on their website of the different ways that Trump could get to the requisite 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency.

In the first map, entitled “The No-Margin-For-Error Map,” Trump would win every state former candidate Mitt Romney won in 2012, in addition to Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire — states whose 2012 votes were awarded to President Barack Obama.

Trump would also have to win the crucial state of North Carolina, but if the GOP candidate manages to win each of these states, it would place him at exactly 270 electoral votes.

In the second map, based on the “silent majority of working-class whites,” Trump would win Clinton-favored Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which would be a great feat, but also would mean that he wouldn’t have to worry about also-contentious states like Nevada and New Hampshire.

And, as long as Trump won Florida, he wouldn’t need North Carolina.

The third map considered the good possibility that Clinton would lose crucial votes to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who hasn’t been successful in the polls, but could still have some influence.

In particular, Nevada, New Hampshire and Colorado could be on the table for Trump if Johnson pulls votes from Clinton, which would place him at 279 electoral votes.

The fourth way Trump could win would be if African-American turnout dropped — which isn’t a too-far-off possibility considering that those voters have been seriously underwhelmed about a Clinton presidency.

And, in fact, there have been signs from North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia that, at least in early voting numbers, fewer black voters have turned out compared to previous elections.

If this is true, it could even help Trump win Michigan, where a large part of the Democrat stronghold comes from primarily black communities in Detroit and Flint.

Along the same lines, in the fifth electoral map, Trump had a good possibility of winning on Nov. 8 if Latinos don’t vote as expected. Many pundits believe Trump has lost the Hispanic vote because of his policies against illegal immigration and border security, though some reports have revealed that many Hispanics actually support Trump’s stances.

In that situation, Trump could win Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico — which would allow him to fumble in places like New Hampshire and still place him on top with 279 electoral votes.

Finally, in CNN’s sixth election map, Trump’s victory was dependent upon a good Republican turnout in the Northeast.

The GOP candidate could take Maine, New Hampshire, and even the much-needed Philadelphia suburbs.

Any of these scenarios are possible and could very well happen next week, but regardless, the mere fact that a liberal-leaning network like CNN has reported this shows that Trump has made great strides in convincing America that he can win on Nov. 8.

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Via:  conservativetribune.com

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