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Ivanka Trump Has 2.5 Hour Breakfast Date With Megyn Kelly

Throughout both the primary and the general election, one of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s most effective surrogates has been his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Ivanaka has reached out to Republicans who were otherwise disenchanted with Trump, and she was reportedly instrumental in crafting Trump’s policies regarding working families and women.

Thus when she was spotted have brunch with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for over two hours at the Four Seasons on Friday, according to Politico, speculation was rampant.

You can see a photo of the two dining together below:


It is unclear what the two talked about as neither has mentioned the meeting to the media. Kelly and the GOP nominee don’t exactly have a good history with each other, so the topic of discussion is hard to guess at.
This meetings took place roughly a week after Kelly had an explosive interview with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who attacked her for using the term “sexual predator” when talking about Trump’s infamous tape but not using that same term while talking about former President Bill Clinton.

You can watch that exchange here:

Given that the meal lasted for over two hours, the two most likely were discussing something serious. Perhaps Trump was trying to arrange a sit-down between Kelly and her father to clear the water.

Kelly’s contract is up for renewal with Fox News next year, so it is possible that she and Trump were discussing her career.

If Trump does win on Nov. 8, he and Kelly are going to have to sit down and come to some sort of mutual understanding.

Trump’s daughter has been very good about talking people into supporting her father throughout this campaign. She is a very gifted speaker and she knows exactly how the game is played. If anyone could talk some sense into Kelly, it would be her.

Via: conservativetribune.com

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